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Will Pastors & Faith Leaders Get Their Freedom Print E-mail
Friday, 27 May 2005
The cost of freedom is high, but Americans have always paid it.
-President John F. Kennedy

There can be no greater gift than the gift given by a person who lays down their life for the sake of another. Throughout our country's history, over one million men and women serving in our armed forces have given their lives so that our country might remain safe and free. Isn't that freedom supposed to be for every American? But the truth is, not every American in our country has the Freedom of Speech. Pastors, whether they be priests, pastors, or rabbis do not have the same freedom of speech as other citizens. It's time, past time, that they did. For the minute we allow the freedom of even one American to be taken away, the freedom of every American is at risk.
Congressman Walter Jones from North Carolina has introduced H.R. 235, a bill which would help protect the right of all spiritual leaders to freely speak to the members of their congregations on all issues, including political ones.

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