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Economy Is Getting Worse; Moms Recommend Bringing Manufacturing Home! PDF Print E-mail
From Gallup:Made_in_the_USA.jpg

"Gallup's Daily tracking shows a sharp increase in the percentage of Americans saying the economy is "getting worse" over the past several months. In particular, 80% of upper-income Americans said the economy was "getting worse" in August -- even higher than the 77% of other Americans."

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Moms support law to require 50% of our basic necessities be made in the United States.  As a matter of national security, we need to ensure that we make at LEAST 50% of our own basic necessities.   In addition, bringing part of our manufacturing back  home will help to stabilize our economy.  Currently, our economy reacts to headlines.  By increasing our manufacturing base, we will be able to slow that reaction down and create an economic stability that has for so long been missing!

"Possible Government Shutdown May Be Just a Week Away" PDF Print E-mail
From The Associated Press:

"The Associated Press is reporting that America is just a week away from a possible government shutdown, with lawmakers on Friday boxing themselves into a new budget gridlock."

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Asia stocks sharply lower as recession fears flare PDF Print E-mail
From Yahoo Finance:

"Investors across the globe continued to dump stocks Friday as weak economic indicators from major nations including China intensified fears of a new recession"

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Dow Jones Falls Almost 400 Points! PDF Print E-mail
From Yahoo:

"Aggressive selling pressure sent the stock market down about 4% before it began to bounce into the close. The loss still made for the market's worst one-day percentage drop in a month, though."

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Global Meltdown: Investors Are Dumping Nearly Everything PDF Print E-mail

From CNBC:

"With no solution in sight for Europe and new fears of a global recession, investors dumped stocks and commodities and ran to the safety of U.S. Treasurys."

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